Confessions of a 20-Something Caffeine Addict

...on caffeine-free nursing diet. God Help Us.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


so I FINALLY got my passport...yay! the school has mailed our visa paperwork, and then it's just a matter of heading over to the consulate. amazing!

pics of giada in her crazy smurf hat about to go for a ride, and then in her crib chewing on sock monkey. The last is with her "nanny" Laura, what we call our godmothers in Louisiana (Laura does NOT change her poopy diapers or give her a bottle...she just pretends that she has lots of good advice, and then parties when Giada's not looking).

Giada turns 3 months tomorrow!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

I did it!

...I decided to be a "stay at home mom"...well at least for the next 4 months. I may do some fun computer work from home...photoshop, AutoCAD...but other than that it's gonna be like "leave it to beaver" round here! NOT! Okay so I did wash the dishes today and tomorrow I might wash some clothes. But for the most part nothing's changed. I do put on shoes now instead of padding around in dingey dirty socks.

Of course it's not all that easy. We will be living hand to mouth for a few months. I am also doing my best to begin becoming certified in Pilates. I'd like to have it finished before we make the big leap, but I can always finish in Rome. It's not exactly a short commute, but I am hoping whatever needs to be done there can be finished over a couple of weekends if need be.

So in case it's not obvious, this is my brilliant idea to make some money whilst in Italy. It's a long shot, but I am going to contact all of the gyms in Florence, all 3...heeheehee, to see if I could teach some classes there, and then perhaps I can organize private and semi-privates sessions. It will be a lot of work, but hopefully it will cater to my new life as mom. we'll see!